• LNB Unicable Edision SCR-1 (1lnb para 4 receptores) 0,1dB

Este LNB permite a ligação de 4 receptores só com um cabo vindo do LNB.

Quad UNICABLE* LNB EDISION SCR-1 QUAD, for 1 Satellite.
UNICABLE (Satellite Cable Router) technology LNB which can feed up to 4 independent unicable support receivers through the 1st output (unicable) , plus 1 more independent receiver, through the 2nd output (universal).

* Unicable output is compatible with unicable-support receivers

Technical features:

SCR port
CH1 1210MHz
CH2 1420MHz
CH3 1680MHz
CH4 2040MHz

Legacy Port

Frequency Range
Input Frequency Range
Low Band: 10.7-11.7GHz
High Band: 11.7-12.75GHz

Output Frequency Range CSS
Frequency Band of Channel 1: 1180~1240MHz
Frequency Band of Channel 2: 1390~1450MHz
Frequency Band of Channel 3: 1650~1710MHz
Frequency Band of Channel 4: 2010~2070MHz
Output Frequency Range Legacy 950-2150MHz

-- Outputs: 2
-- 1 unicable (4 independent unicable support receivers )
-- 1 universal (for 1 receiver)
-- Low noise: 0,1 dB
-- Very stable reception
-- Suitable for all Multifeed 40mm
-- Water proof housing
-- 2-year warranty



LNB Unicable Edision SCR-1 (1lnb para 4 receptores) 0,1dB

  • Fabricante: Edision
  • Código do produto: SCR-1
  • Disponibilidade: 2
  • 45.00€

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