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V-Box XTi is a dual DVB-S2 TV tuner one CI slot Linux server for streaming satellite TV channels to client end devices within your wired or wireless network:Smart TV,PC,Tablet PC,Smartphone,iPhone,iPad,iPod,Sony Playstation 3.

VBox enables cost-effective delivery of a truly converged content experience – encompassing traditional Free2Air broadcast, live strem TV broadcasts, pay TV, new media, OTT (Over the Top) and other content, and enabling integration of custom and advertising content. Converged content is simply and securely distributed to standard TVs, IP set-top boxes ,PCs, Internet-connected TVs, tablets, and other devices via standard home or enterprise network gateways. VBox's DVB to IP proficiency and IP over DVB capabilities bring users the content they want, cleanly and effectively.

The Challenge: Bringing PayTV to the home LAN

Broadcast providers traditionally supply premium content via cable or satellite to televisions equipped with DVB-based set-top boxes and PVRs, and Internet service via cable modem. However, today’s subscribers demand the freedom to consume digital content where and how they please – whether watching YouTube videos on their TV, or a live sports event on their tablet computer. Digital broadcast providers need branded, easily-implemented, multi-room and cross-platform solutions that enable access to live stream TV, satellite, cable and DTT broadcasts, recorded media, and VOD across the household – on TVs, PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other IP-enabled devices.

The Solution

The XTi VBox TV Gateway line of products enables broadcast providers to turn the subscriber home LAN into a fully-branded personal media and TV gateway. XTiVBox TV Gateway products offer a cost-effective DVB to IP convergence solution that integrates cleanly with any DVB or IPTV UI and middleware, and subscriber home networks. XTi VBox TV Gateway products leverage existing Ethernet, telephone and power line infrastructure, decreasing cabling overhead, and supporting wireless networks.

XTi VBox TV Gateway Illustration

XTi VBox TV Gateway Features*

  • A cost-effective media server appliance for Live TV reception and streaming over IP SD/HD and EPG
  • Receives DVB-S/S2/DVB-C/DVB-T/ATSC, MPEG-2/4       
  • Connected to the existing DVB PayTV Headend    
  • CA/DRM integrated Media Server Appliance, complete security and content protection, using accepted broadcast industry standards.         
  • Same CAS, Metadata, business rules
  • Time Shifting: multi room DVR, VOD, NVOD\PVOD
  • Place Shifting: IPod, Game consol, STB, PCs       
  • Push and Reception of Data casting (DVB  
  • Remote management and maintenance    
  • Compliance with leading standards like UDP, DLNA and UPnP     
  • Support for TVs, IP STB, cell phones, media players, iPads, game consoles, laptops and tablet computers.

Live TV Features

  • Watch on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Stream live AND recorded TV shows anywhere in your house
  • Watch on PC and MAC via XBMC, VLC and many other UPnP enabled applications
  • Watch on PC directly from Google Chrome browser
  • Watch on network connected Smart TV
  • Streaming to Standard TV and Smart TV with a companion device such as Android box, game console, media streamer, PC, Mac and more
  • Connects with many UPnP devices you already own

Premium Pay TV with CI Module Features

  • Supports standard CI module and card (CI+ is not supported)
  • Watch Pay TV Channels on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Watch multiple premium and Free To Air channels simultaneously
  • Bring premium Pay TV content to your mobile devices
  • Record and schedule recording of premium Pay TV content
  • Streaming to standard TV and Smart TV with a companion device such as Android box, game console, media streamer, PC, Mac and more
  • Connects with many UPnP devices you already own

Mobile App Features

  • Watch live and recorded TV shows
  • Apple iOS & Google Android free apps
  • View TV program guide (EPG)
  • TV Remote control
    • Schedule Recording
    • Change TV channel
  • Setup and manage the V@Home TV Gateway

V@Home House DVR Features

  • Record live TV
  • Schedule recordings
  • Manage existing recordings
  • Record multiple TV shows simultaneously
  • Share recording between devices
  • Record to a removable storage Windows shared folder or network NAS (SMB/CIFS)

The product features listed above are representative, and may change depending on final product configuration and pricing.*

Package content 

  • VBox V@Home TV Gateway device
  • Power adapter
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Quick install guide

Additional System Requirements (not included) 

  • Home network with 100Base-T Ethernet (802.11n for wireless) or higher1
  • External USB storage or network storage
  • RF cables
  • Compatible networked viewing device, such as Tablet, Smrartphone, PC and Mac

Minimum System Requirements

  • Home network router
    • Standard Definition (SD) - Network router 802.11n and above
    • Full Definition (Full HD 1080p) - Network router 802.11n 5GHz and above
  • Viewing device
    • Andoid Smartphone and Tablet
      • Android 4 and above
      • Standard Definition (SD) - Dual Core 1GHz CPU and above
      • Full HD 1080p - Quad Core 2.3 GHz CPU and above, depanding on your device performance, some HD channels may not play smoothly
    • Apple iPhone and iPad
      • iOS 5 and above
      • Standard Definition (SD) - iPhone 4 and iPad 2 and above
      • Full HD 1080p - iPad Air and above
    • Big Screen TV
      • Smart TV - V@Home works directly with most UPnP competible TVs
      • Watching TV on legacy TV and Smart TV is also posible by using a companion UPnP device such as Android box, game console, media streamer, PC, Mac and more
  • Recording -
    • USB attached storage
      • External USB storage, USB 2.0 Removable Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive - for Full HD recording 25MB/s write speed and faster
    • Network storage
      • PC with Windows shared folder
      • NAS - Network attached storage (CIFS/SMB)

1 Home network bandwidth must be high enough to allow for streaming of television signals
2 Unicable is a registered trademark of SES ASTRA. A standard for the simultaneous distribution of thousands TV satellite channels over a single coaxial cable
3 Support standard CI modules and smartcard (CI+ is not supported)

V-Box XTi-3332 CI Satellite TV Streaming Box

  • Fabricante: V-Box
  • Código do produto: XTi-3332 CI
  • Pontos atribuidos: 1
  • Disponibilidade: 1
  • 149.00€

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